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Friday, November 20, 2009

invisible woman

Does anyone know why my picture doesn't appear when I comment on someone else's post?


  1. My McAfee Security program asks if I want to view only the web page content that is 100% secure. When I say yes, all the avatars disappear.

    Renee says that whenever she logs onto my blog, she gets thrown off and has to log in again.

    Any ideas for the computer handicapped?

  2. My security system works the same way. If I answer "yes" the pictures are blocked. I always answer "no" and voila!, pictures. Do you have the quesiton option, Leigh?

  3. Yes I always go for the 'show everything' option. It's only on Blogland Lane that I have this problem. I must have ticked the wrong box somewhere about something.
    I thought an avatar was some kind of dinosaur - or is that me?

  4. Blogger has a problem with the id, especially with multiple blogs under one roof. I have had the same problem but soon found out that by using Google profile as your id, your better off.

    You may have noticed avatars with a Google G in the lower right hand corner, that is what you want as it overrides Bloger profile.

    Once I changed my profile, my image stared showing up. However remember to make sure you are using the same image on the Google and Blogger profile.

    Good Luck