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Monday, November 2, 2009

50 years on

I thought I'd share this picture - the two girls I'm with at my signing in WH Smith's in Oxford are old school friends. I've known them for . . . half a century! (OK, we're not exactly girls any more . . . )
I haven't been on Blogland Lane for a while as I've been away in Italy having a wonderful holiday. While I was away, I finished the final draft of ROAD CLOSED which is now with the editor. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
On my return I had two more invitations to do book signings (14 between now and Christmas and 4 bookings for 2010 already!) CUT SHORT has also been chosen as the next book for a reading group so I'm looking forward to meeting them in the New Year.


  1. Some very wise women I see.

    Have a great week.

  2. Leigh,
    I read your entire blog over three weeks and wanted to thank you for taking the time to share the pitfalls and the highs of the publishing process. I'm sure Road Closed will be another winner. I wish you continued success.

  3. Hi Sonia - yes, I suppose the 'girls' are now 'wise women' ! I hope you have a great week too. Leigh

  4. Hi Linda
    How kind of you to read my whole blog - it does ramble a bit, I'm afraid! It has been quite a rollercoaster. The worst period was when I began to doubt if CUT SHORT would ever be published - and I had told so many people about it! Thank you very much for your support. Receiving kind words from all around the world has been a really wonderful experience. Leigh

  5. How wonderful for you, Leigh! And having another book ready to! Nice to see you back!

  6. Hi Marion
    Book 2 (Road Closed) is written, but there's still a while to go before it will be published. Editor/back to me/maybe back to editor/proof readers/back to me/designers/and finally production... and in the middle of all that will be Christmas! In the meantime, I'm still busy promoting Cut Short... and taking a little time out to relax in my little house in Blogland Lane. The kettle's on so come on over.

  7. hi leigh, your promotion schedule puts mine to shame! what a wild wonderful ride, huh?


  8. Just slightly crazy . . . I went on holiday and SLEPT for 12 hours for the first few nights. I couldn't do that today - 14 hours at school (42 sets of parents to see at Parents' Evening!) I need to be about 30 years younger than I am... Time for a rest on Blogland Lane soon.

  9. Ah, you'll always know them each other as girls!! Good luck with all that to-ing and fro-ing the new book!

  10. Thanks, Caroline. We're all girls at heart (unless we're boys) . . .