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Saturday, November 5, 2011

IN Which Bear Gets Ready for Town Meeting

"Well," sighed Bear. "That's that."
Bear had been working very hard. He found his tent, and brought it into town. He found his food supply (carefully stashed in a near-by mountain cave), but left it there until he could get set up in town.
Then he realized that, living in town, and town Humans having cupboards and shelves, he needed some cupboards and shelves. They could go beside his tent.
So he wandered back to one of his previous homes, and found his old friend Beaver. It was a very, very long trek. Having rejoiced at Bear's return, and having heard what Bear wanted, Beaver got busy and built some cupboards, with shelves on top. They worked by day, and partied at night — mostly telling stories of their adventures since Bear had moved on. What a time it was!
Getting the shelves made was the easy part. Getting them "from there to here" was a totally different matter.
But Bear, fortunately indefatigable, had persevered. First, he had found some saplings, which made runners on a sled. Then he hauled his cupboards and shelves across fields, through swamps, around towns, up hills and down, finally arriving at Blogland Lane.
So, with a little more work the tent was pitched in a favourable spot, the cupboard and shelves were safely located (with top and front covered with a tarp). Then, after all his travelling, Bear made one more trip. To the big cave, to retrieve his provision. Finally, his temporary home was ready. He was so excited! He was ready for whatever happened at Blogland Lane. He felt that he had been Humanized quite enough. Walking across the road to the lake, to enjoy a swim and maybe a fish, Bear saw the poster.
Blogland Lane Annual Town Meeting — beginning November 4, 2011.
Bear was thrilled! Then terrified. Finally a chance to meet the neighbours, if there are any. But would they feel comfortable with him? He hurried home after his swim (and fish lunch). He tidied up his shelves, his tent, his fire (putting on extra wood) and himself. He found some coffee, some tea, and some honey. "Tea with honey should be so inviting for any Humans around here," he thought. The preparations complete, Bear sat down on a log, to wait for visitors coming and going to the Town Meeting.

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  1. bear, you will find your neighbors quite pleasant and very creative. i'm sure ♥