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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Opening at Bliss Art Gallery in Blogland!

It has been a long time, but I thought it might liven up the place if we had an open art show again. The notice has been up for two weeks, so I hope I am not the only one to join the party. This show is open to all artists including word artists :-). Just do a post sometime today before six PM. We will start the show with some of my work from the top of the post working our way down: 3 new paintings, all mixed media on board, "Unfettered" 16"x16", "This is Why" 5"x 5", and the last painting is "Red calls Out Orange" 11"x 14", if you are interested in seeing more go to my blog here.

Next we have some of my handbuilt (not wheel thrown) ceramics, first a tiny feather vase then 4 of my one of a kind porcelain bowls. You can find these items on my ETSY site where I am now having a 15% off all items sale. I also have many other vases, pendants and a few ornaments on my site.

That does it for me. Please join me and look around, have some refreshments and post your own work! Don't let me be the only artist in the gallery!

P.S. Also want you to know that blogger will not let me leave comments on this blog! So I will not be able to comment on your work, but know I will be looking! XOXO


  1. Bear is not much of an artist. I mean, what can you do with big paws and long, long claws (I mean fingernails)? No brush-holding for painting. Not good for ceramics.

    But I like pretty colours and interesting shapes. So I'll be along, later. Hopefully.

  2. I haven't been here in a very long time... love it that the first post to greet me is your lovely artwork Annie x

  3. ooolala annie, your art is fantastic. the curves and colors are filled with good energy!

    you are the best gallery in all of blogland lane. xoxoxo