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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where in the World?

Where in the world is everyone now?  Literally.

Me-I'm in the middle of my living room.  I am typing and regretting that I didn't make coffee prior to beginning this post.  Oliver the parrot is dozing-he wore himself out playing with a saltine cracker box.  The lovebirds are sleeping too-they are busy pairing off  and become partners so there is a lot of grooming and squawking and few friskier activities.  I hope that one day (SOON) someone will lay an egg.  I've got homes for any babies (I do count my chicks before they are hatched) so ....let the egg laying begin.

Please excuse any construction noise.  As you may remember my house was built on the idea of the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, CA. but I think I want to tear it down and start again.  Since I just decided this this very moment I'll have to mull it over and get back to you on further details.

So-that is all about me-what about YOU?  Where are you as you read this?


  1. knock knock dk. i'll be over for tea

  2. hey, you gotta a very nice blog, supported! (:

  3. I'm over at my boyfriend's house blogging while he plays Skyrim XD

  4. Bear is excited. Did someone say tea? I like tea. With honey. And oatmeal biscuits (cookies).

    If I can figure out where you live, I'll crash your party with kj. Literally, crash. (Sometimes my size and clumsiness make we worse that a bull in the proverbial china shop.) But I'll bring cookies, to make amends for any potential disaster I cause.

    Now let me see, where's the map?