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Friday, November 4, 2011

Announcement! Blogland Lane's Annual Town Meeting

Dear Friends and Residents,

As Mayor of Blogland Lane, I am hereby announcing our annual town meeting to be held starting now and extending until next weekend. I know I have been a pre-occupied mayor and many and most of us have also been pre-occupied, but it's time to extend a neighborly hello to one another, don't you think so?

How are all our businesses and shops doing? Our bake shops? Art Galleries? Library and Poetry Readings?

We've had some losses. It's not the same without Renee, that irrepressible imp and my next door neighbor; and Tessa, who designed and painted our incredible town logo. But we've had many joys too.

Please weigh in and nudge others to weigh in too.

For the last two years, our Wishes and Dreams Foundation has opened its wallets and hearts to support several good causes. And oh the art our residents have created! And the stories! And photographs!

Hello! Welcome! There will be hot buttermilk biscuits, strong coffee, and unlimited M & M's available at my place all week.

love kj


  1. I was thinking just this week about what it would take to get me to give up coffee, and I figured $50,000 would be my rock-bottom price.

  2. It's been a long time since I've been here, Ms. Mayor. Time to let everybody know what I've been up to. I see we have a new neighbour! How exciting.

    I love hot buttermilk biscuits, but if the coffee is really strong, can I have tea instead?

    Hope others pop in, but not before I get my share of m and m's! haha

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  4. hello neighbors,

    should we get more active?

    snow, how is your house? i forget where you live.

    marion, we could have a group chat on the fence?

    wieneke, i need to shop for the holidays. are you open?

    mr. bear, your neighbors will be welcoming you, i believe...


  5. p.s. our blissful bohemian annie is trying to leave a comment and blogger is being difficult. but i think she is thinking of another art gallery opening....


  6. Oeps, I forgot about my house in Blogland lane. Well, I sort of lost my house in the blogworld in real since my provider changed the whole set-up of the blogs,since then I didn't feel at home anymore on my own blog ! and I didn't post much anymore. Since only a week now I am trying to settle in again. Have to find my Blogland lane address again too :-) I'll be back. Hugs, Hildegarde

  7. hildegarde, i will be glad to have connect with you again. i was reviewing my blog as far back as 2006, when i started, tonight, and i thought of you most surely


  8. @KJ:

    Open? I don't know yet. I first would like to know whether we are getting on with this project we once started with so much enthousiasm? I think a lot of people are too much involved with their own blogs (including myself). But let's talk about it, please.

  9. Hi neighbors! What am I up to? I've started another blog dedicated to poetry at you are all welcome to visit. Warning- the poetry is a bit heavy- but it does come from the heart. I read some here, too. I love to see the neighborly warmth here. Sending you all good vibes! xxo

    Thanks for your concern about my mother's death and justice, kj.

  10. Well, I'm starting to meet the neighbours. This is fun.

    I've got some campfire-made coffee in a pot, and some chocolate chip cookies hot out of the pan. Please drop by. You should be able to find me — I've got the only big tent in town.

  11. wieneke, as you know, there is no pressure on blogland lane. we come and go, confident in our neighborly ways. even if your shop has unpredictable hours, that will work. and if you've closed your shop, that's a-okay too.

    i hope i remember to join the bliss gallery art show. i will probably show some of my photographs ♥

  12. Dear Ms. Mayor:
    Too long away from my post at #63,,,or is it #64?
    Oh my,,,,,waaaay too long!
    I think I must need some of Rob-Bear's campfire coffee.
    High Octane caffeine never fails to jump start the 'ol brain!
    ( I'm with Snowbrush on the coffee thing, but I think his price is a bit low)
    Helloooooo Everyone, long time no see!