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Monday, November 21, 2011

Bliss Gallery Opening Debuts Genius Young Artist!

crayons on paper

Bliss Gallery marks the debut of a promising new artist, Mr. Ryan, age almost five, a recent graduate of Everything School, and grandson of Blogland Lane resident Ms. kj mayor. In addition to his artistic achievements, Mr. Ryan is a near expert on two American presidents, George Washington and Hammerhead Lincoln. His next challenge will be designing a holiday collage of random stickers which he will place directly in front of doors and doorways, thereby making it impossible to pass from one room to another. Mr. Ryan also aspires to paint portraits of talking cars and trains. Refrigerator commissions are available on a limited basis at the whim of Mr. Ryan.


  1. Oh my, he's channeling Tessa!

    That's one great kid KJ.


  2. That's almost framable! (A little more paper around the edge would be just the thing for that.)

    Bear likes fledgling artists. Such a mix of vivid colours! Such imagination. With that much imagination, he could be a future Mayor of Blogland Lane.

  3. OMG.. Lovely art.. for 5 years wow amazing

  4. Wonderful drawing! Would love to be able to draw like that!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Happy day****

  5. my gosh, lo, the colors are indeed similiar (note: tessa painted the logo for blogland lane)

    bear, i love encouraging mr. ryan in his artistic endeavors!

    preity angel, hello and welcome.thank for your your kind comment. ♥

    mildred, hello! you can do it!!!! ♥