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Monday, September 26, 2011

In Which Bear Arrives, and Is Puzzled

Hello. My name is Bear. Rob-bear. I live at 13eh Blogland Lane. (That's 13A for those of you who aren't Canadyan, eh.)

I'm an itinerant story-teller, five-stringed banjo player, photographer, and would-be artist. I'm also a half decent cook. So it you want a truly decent meal, don't come my way.

My home will meet all relevant building codes, but may appear rather "rustic." There are other words people have used for my habitations in the past. I still think "rustic" is best.

(If we get a really cold winter, I may go into hibernation. I just need to find a cave.)

However, there is a mystery. (Cue theme from Twilight Zone.)

Blogland Lane seems to be deserted. Nobody else here. This is strange. I thought BL would be a very busy community. Yet, um, well. Hmmmm. (Bear casts his eyes around the place, though they stay in his head.) Closed up houses. No lights on. No stores open.

There's got to be a story in this!

{To be continued!}


  1. hello bear. blogland lane is not deserted! if there is a gallery opening or town meeting or certainly a pot luck with good food, i suspect neighbors will put their lights on

    i as mayor have been preoccupied. i don't even know if i am running for reelection. in any case, welcome. there are some very very fine folks who live on blogland lane. i'm sure you'll be meeting them.


  2. Oh, there is somebody here! Well, this is grand!
    I'll just be patient. Patience is "a good thing."