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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Our Dear Renee in the Hospital?

I can't barely think about it....

Does anyone have information about her???? Please write me at

She is a light in my life that I never want to see go out...
Love to Renee and her family~Pattee


  1. Sounded pretty serious, so I assume she is.

  2. Oh no please Kj, Sonia write me and tell me what you know ... Please....

  3. I wish I could help Pattee but I don't know her. I'm very sorry. Please post news as you learn anything.

  4. I will post anything I know ...Or please anyone that knows anything please post....
    I can't imagine life without Renee

  5. pattee, renee's daughter angelique confirmed yesterday that renee is in the hospital for management of her pain and awaiting chemotherapy. there is a treatment plan. i carry the hope that it will work. i think angelique will keep us updated. meanwhile, i am praying overtime and sending more love to winnipeg than i ever thought possible.

  6. Sorry Pattee. Only know what's on the blog. She is I think still in hospital. I haven't heard from her for over a week. Unusual, very unusual.

  7. (((Hugz))) & prayers for Renee x

  8. her daughter posted on renee's blog along with a couple of photos. (see KJ's comment above.)

    We all miss her :(

    I'm just hoping she's getting all the care she needs.