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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bit of Real World-Sorry

I don't like to post real world stuff here, but I need to let you know I've been one two three punched with sick family, sick me, sick animals and weather.  Ok, that might be four.

So-I've got a couple of requests pending for residents-hope to get to it next week.

I owe Marianne my art box and I feel awful about that and my own is at the post office-I haven't left my home it two weeks (via car-I did step outside a couple of days ago for the first time).  At times my living conditions have been quite primitive and not being able to bend over has added a unique twist to several activities of daily living.

Yes, some of it was serious, a critter or two hasn't made it and I still can't walk very well.  But I will get better and I will be back.

We'll push out our art showing to be fair to Marianne-details to follow.  In the meantime, keep the faith and keep your humor-sometimes that is all we have to pull us through.


  1. oh debra kay, take care of yourself. i'm sure everyone will appreciate the delay, so don't worry about it.

    what do you mean a critter or two hasn't made it? that worries me even more.

  2. Debra Kay - hope you are on the mend now. Take care. Is Oliver OK?

  3. Don't worry about a thing regarding the art box exchange. I'm glad the package I sent you is at the post's at least gotten there!

    I've been reading your blog;I am sorry you are hurting so badly. Soft tissue damage is the pits. I hope you will still be able to go on your vacation.

    Hang in there, Debra...

  4. Oh no....still miserable over there?

    I'm going to email you.


  5. Thanks guys. I've lost a couple of snakes-not related to my injury or the cold-I've got a virus in the colony and it's just a waiting game at this point.

    All the furry and feathers are doing fine. Cody the old chihuahua has a form of dog dementia but we are coping. Priss is still at the vet on a special diet-but that's because I can't bend over to pick her up and she exploits that situation-so she's better off where she can be fed and watched properly.

    Moon and Molly-the two border collies-are actually standing next to me and letting me brace my hand on their back when I need to bend. This is nothing I've taught them to do-they just want to help. I believe magic exists even in the real world when creatures show such kindness towards humans.

    Even Solo, the pup, who really shouldn't have the capacity for such big thoughts yet, has been extra well behaved and thoughtful-no jumping up, no testing of boundaries.

    I am dog blessed-that is for certain.