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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Lesson in the Tarot

A good scare is worth more
to a man (and woman) than good advice.
Ed Howe
When I was barely twelve, at my request my Mother bought me my first Tarot deck. If you don't already know (unlikely), the tarot is a means of looking ahead & providing guidance. I have quite a collection of books on the Tarot, and in every one the death card, welcomed by nobody, talks of rebirth as well as physical or relationship or emotional death per se.
Recently I bought myself a little pocket book aptly called 'The Little Black Book of Tarot.' I like it alot.
I read what it said about the Death card and I like the message well enough that I want to share it:

'Don't waste time. The death card doesn't mean that you, or anyone
you know, will die soon. But be a little scared anyway. Be careful
not to squander your precious days, or go numb to the daily miracles
of life. Don't put off your 'I love you's'. Because, right smack in
the middle of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, Number 13 drops in to
remind you that you are mortal."


  1. That's good advice.
    The thing that bothers me about tarot is that it's an anagram of troat.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  2. My late aunt used to do Tarot, so I know a little bit of how this ancient system works. Very interesting and sometimes also very helpful. The quote above is very wise. We all are such a short time on this planet... let us not waste time.
    Thanks KJ!

  3. Hey KJ I love you and your wisdom and your caring and your zest for life. Thanks for the death reminder.

    for years and years, I remembered about death, ever since i was a child. my dad was a pathologist who did many things but one was to deal w/ death.

    in college i wrote a paper on plays that depicted death.

    in Buddhist studies one contemplates oneself as bones.

    i used to do a sort of burial meditation imagining myself being buried in my coffin.

    some of these may make some readers think i am morbid but to me all the reminders of death turn me to life. with a renewed reminding that life is short and how long we will be her among our loved ones and friends is unknown.

    in a way, we die every moment when we breathe out, and are reborn when we breathe in. When we are born as babies we are not breathing until we take our first air breath. when we die we exhale never to breathe in again.

    so in a way we are experiencing little deaths throughout our lives, and little rebirths too.