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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holy Birman Vs. Chihuahua

Nearly ready to go...................:)

Soon I will meet Emma, Bliss and Stella!from #11 and #9
Although I live at #5 it will be the first time in all these years.......
Hope you enjoy these sweethearts I just love to see the difference in fighting skills and approach (playing) between cat and dog.
When they get along there is nothing more heartwarming to watch then 2 different animals accepting, appreciating and loving each other.

HAW to everyone!


  1. aw marianne, this along with wieneke's delightful love between animals gives me hope for the planet!!! just proves we all know how to love and we all know how to play.

    so you are on your way, marianne. OMG!

    i've been saying, 'my friend from the netherlands' and it sounds SO GOOD.

    travel safely dear friend. see you soon


  2. Heee, Marianne, what a delightful film of the Kung Fu fighting :-) I understand that you are soon going to see KJ. Whow! How exciting! Give her a big Dutch hug from me and of course a very careful friendly pat on dear Stella's head. Have fun in the States and a save journey home.

  3. We can learn a lot from animals, uh.
    I enjoyed thispost a lot. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonsong