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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello neighbors! Our vigil for our beloved Renee continues and I'm alternating between being thankful for knowing her and keeping busy. I've recorated my living room here on Blogland Lane and I'm cooking cheese enchiladas tonight for dinner. Anyone who wants to drop in is welcome.
Meanwhile, I'm still rereading poems I've written over the past few years. Here's one that was a sad lament when I wrote it, and might still be, but for some reason I like the energy of it.
Can’t Do
Could you?
I’m at the beginning:
Accept, Accelerate, Acquiesce,
and sprinting to the L’s,
Long, Loosen, Lighten up,
Onto to the T’s:
Trust, Turn in, Truncate,
Then to the final stop:
Zero. Zilch. Zenith.
I am plucking words,
Seeking sounds,
And mixing colors
To explain why oh why
You are there
And I am here
And the in-between
Is alphabetically and phonetically speaking
All Wrong.
Here's wishing you a good day,


  1. Im hugging you KJ..The waiting to know anything is the worst. Ive been doing everything to not look or wonder. I did email a long letter to her though. Because I was having my lovey withdrawls.


  2. i know, sonia. i hate the thought that renee is in so much pain she can't blog. i hope she is resting and able to be restful.

    we will never forget.