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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Latest(s)

Hey BlogLanders! Warm greetings to all of you! I hope my neighbours are doing quite fine and I feel quite guilty that I can't make my way here frequently! But I didn't forget my place here at all! It's #602, the little nest. Hope you guys also remember! :)

The Latest(s):
Spring has come to the flowers of my country. The sky seems quite awesome. I like the way the clouds play with the moon now. They play 'hide n' seek' but it seems like they are in the same team as if we are their opponents! Let me share a nice poem about Spring!

by Mencita (Carmen) Monoi Angel

"the season of spring
weather seems to sing
lovely lovely days
are coming our ways

the season of spring
blooming blossoming
of nature of all kind
let roots unbind

the season of spring
birds unfold their wings
diving high into sky
wish one could fly

the season of spring
careful hearts love sting
reaching out towards others
some persons might bother

the season of spring
nice sound bells ring
new wave new style
faces have on a smile

the season of spring
an new awakening
busy humanity on earth
as if it’s a new birth

listen listen to my words
the season of spring is near
now a look into your lovely eyes
and one can see spring is already here"

Isn't the poem cute? I hope you like it guys!

I'm on a short vacation now. I don't understand why all the vacations have to be short! Strange! Good times are always short! :P I study in Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) and my home is in Chittagong. I travel by train most of the time in between these two cities. There is always shortage of tickets. You won't believe that I have to manage return ticket to Dhaka first before I think of visiting home! This time when our train stopped at the station of Chittagong I had to buy the return ticket before I could even see my home! Whatever... the good thing about me is I never get tired of journey. I love traveling. I'm on my final year of graduation. In last three years I have visited my home almost every two weekends of each month! You know I consider almost 12 hours of journey each time and most of the time I can stay home only for 1 or 2 nights!

I want to give you a information about Bangladeshi people. We are never free. We never take rest. We are always busy. You know why? The mosquitoes keep us busy all the time! Right now I feel like they are able to help me fly... You have got to guess their quantity around me!

Happy weekend ahead guys! Stop by at my place @602, I will be glad to have a tea partner. Cheers! :)

[photo source: ruslou]


  1. Hey Riyadh! I'm inundated with mozzies too . .all this autumn rain, they love it! I imagine the seasons aren't too different in Bangladesh . .well except for Monsoon I guess. Have a good weekend.