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Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Which Bear Decides to Pitch His Tent

Bear was disappointed by his experience at the Municipal Office.

"It's too bad she ran off," Bear thought. "We could have had such a delightful conversation."

But would have to wait for another time. Perhaps.

Having tramped around most of Blogland Lane, and feeling somewhat accustomed to the community, Bear decided to pitch his tent.

But where is the tent, and his meagre supplies?

"Oh, yes," thought Bear, "I had stashed all that in the bush before I came into town."

"So it's time for Bear to head back to the bush."

"Let's see," said Bear. "Probably I'll make a couple of trips. One for the tent; one for the provisions."

"I do understand," Bear thought, "that Humans like some short of shelter. I don't suppose I really need it, but it would make me seem more community-friendly if I have something for Humans to have over their heads when they come to visit." Bear was confident some would come. He had already met a couple; he knew there must be others.

So, off to the bush, to retrieve his belongings. He could have brought everything at one time, but decided to be more relaxed about it.

"Humans like creatures who seem more relaxed," he thought.

"Blogland Lane is a peculiar place," Bear said to himself. "An ideal place for a peculiar Bear." Bear, while not the brightest creature in the bush, at least understood peoples' impression of him.

And so he trundled off.

Monday, October 3, 2011

In Which Bear Encounters Another Person.

There she stood. Middle-aged, very healthy looking. Bright. Nicely dressed. I thought I saw something of a poet in her. 

She gasped. (It's the kind of response I often get, especially when I'm in a new place.) But she did not panic. She sized up her position, backed out of the Office, and disappeared. Very quickly.

"Wait," I cried, in my best Human-sounding voice. 

"I won't hurt you, I just want to chat," I called. Not a great pick-up line; more of a simple truth. A simple, desperate truth.

By time I got to the door, she was gone. Could not see her anywhere.

She knew the community better than I. She new how to hide in it, as well as how to negotiate it. 

Once again, I was alone. Disappointed. 

So, what to do next?