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Monday, December 6, 2010

Books for Christmas

If anyone on Blogland Lane can't come to a book signing but would like a signed book for Christmas, feel free to email me and we can sort something out.
It's such a long time since I visited here. My debut thriller, Cut Short, has been shortlisted for the Crime Writers Association New Blood Dagger Award and is now a bestseller, as is my second, Road Closed, published this year. Yesterday I delivered the MS for the third in my series, Dead End, to my publisher. Now I have to finish working on the next book which is due with my agent mid-January. In the meantime, life has gone crazy with newspaper reporters turning up at my events, or even coming to work to interview me - three photographers wanting to snap me this week for different newspaper articles and I hate being photographed! I've been out in bookstores every weekend and as soon as school breaks up on the 17th I embark on a 5 day signing tour starting on the 18th and finishing on the 22nd December. No wonder I haven't had time to visit Blogland Lane for a while!


  1. Congratulations Leigh. I just ran across my copy of Cut Short today when I was moving books from one shelf to another. That reminded me that I had not ordered Road Closed yet. And now I read that you are working on number three. I better get cracking and get myself to Amazon.

  2. Hi Annie - sounds like you're busy tidying up. You put me to shame... but I'm glad you're going to read Road Closed. Let me know what you think!