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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tea . . .

. . . is now being served
at the lighthouse
at 53A.
Stop by and join me.
The tide is out and
the birds are pecking
in the sand
exploring for goodies.


  1. A very red and very small teapot, but I will be there to bring you some VERY RED flowers out of my garden.

    OT: Monday last I have changed blogaddress. My new blog is:

  2. ah, annie, how happily i will stop by and linger with you and our neighbors on blogland lane. thanks for the invitation: it's the perfect time to relax and watch sand pecked birds. i will bring something red too: perhaps fresh extrasized strawberries.


  3. I've been a terrible neighbor lately. Ah, the downfall of having more than one address :)

    Wonderful blast of red Annie!

  4. Hi neighbors, I think the Chinese characters are spam and should be deleted. (Another blogger checked hers and found that it lead to a porn site.)
    I would love some tea served from that attractive red tea pot!

  5. oh this is cool! that red just snaps at me - the b&w looks beautifully tamed.