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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hello, again! 

Things have not been going as I hoped. After I posted that snowy picture, I got so tired that I started hibernating. (That's a thing we Bears do in the winter.) Winter started the day of that snow storm, in mid-October. It's now past mid-April, and there's still snow on the ground and ice on the river. A long winter. Sigh!

I've have just recently come out of hibernation and immediately got involved in the A-Z Challenge blog hop. (I think that's close to being the official title.) Sunday is our off day — or is that day off? Anyhow, I got this picture, of a couple of Geese. Can you believe Geese showed up last week, winter or not? They were on the river just outside my den.

The temperature tried very hard to get above freezing yesterday, meaning we may yet have spring this month. And if we do have spring, that will make it easier for me to travel from home to Blogland Lane, and back. In fact, I'm thinking I might spend some of my summer here. (Promises, promises; yeah, I know.)

Anyhow, I've decided to keep my promise and post a picture a week over here, to prove to the world there is life on Blogland Lane.

Happy Sunday, everyone. Blessings and Bear hugs!


Zoe, of you're awake, please send me an e-mail at rbcomm(at)sasktel(dot)net. I'd like to have your e-mail address so I can chat with you. Pls. & thnx.